June 16th, 2004

ani-moo cow


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9... 18 or so wheels on a big wheel.  Wow... hmm... oh JOHD hang on a while.

{note to humans}

Well, everyone, I have not been reading journal entries forever and a day.  I do believe the last count is... um... like... 3 months.  Well, sounds like it.  Um, this means I have been out of touch for a long time.  Also, appears the "skip" feature only goes to SKIP 130, so... that took me to about... ah... um... June 3rd, haha!!  Some of you talk too much (no not really most are crazy quiz things that are based off of almost nothing but you all seem to like those much, hehe).  I calculate about... ah... 8 hours of reading to keep up to pace with everyone, so, I apologize however I do not think I am getting to all that.  I think it will be fine from here.  I think I found out what was wrong with the laptop not communicating, and as for the desktop, well... nuking it is still an option.  Unfortunately, I lost the external hard drive.  This means nothing to store the backup on.  Ug... technology.  Um, I am going to get to the comments here shortly.  The emails... well, that will take a little longer, hehe.

So I apologize for the inconvience to everyone, after all, everyone seems to have many issues going on in their life, and... yeah, well, I apologize.  I have been neglecting everything.  I am not sure... what is wrong.  So, sorry...


Wow, JOHD, I am happy that I have been keeping tabs with you on Ghaleon.  I mean... I really, really, REALLY am not sure what has been wrong with me of late.  I cannot even think when the last time was my paychecks made it to my Quicken.  Arg... it is frustrating, however this waking day was slightly different.  Heck, I even did some dishes, whoohoo!!  Also, I have been starting the cleanup process to move some things out of the apartment so that I am not considered an... issue.  I do not think I am afire hazard yet.  I mean, no official papers or anything like last time.  Wow, my place really does look a bit different.  JOHD, I think if I get this bad in putting things off, I will have to write it as a medical problem and see Dr Cid about possibly correcting it.  {sigh} It really pains me to think about having to be put on medication.  I guess I look at it as the inability to put the mind into motion.  It shows weakness... I mean, I defeated my depression from old.  That is no easy task.  I realized that there is worth in my life.  I found many positive things about myself that I would not ever have seen, because I realized I have better self-esteem.  I do not think I could ever eat french fries thru my nose.  I am not allowed french fries, they kill me.  Hmm... so does drinking, and I do that, and smoking, and I think I have done that from time to time.

I like my friends.  I enjoy them... because... I have lost some of them, haha.  Hey wait, that's not funny.  Yeah, that whole crazy balance of friends appears to still be happening... even more so than usual.  I may figure it out some day.  Hey wait I do not drink that much beer.  Oh yeah I moved to harder stuff.  I wonder when ebay will resell livers again.  Eh... I do not want another liver.

Hey JOHD... how is it going?  I have a penis ya know... I only like it because the world is my toliet.  Ha!!  I knew it, I said penis, and the birth control patch commercial comes on.  Of course, it is during Rosanne... oh wow, wait, it is pill not patch, and it does not prevent against STD or AIDS.  Odd, thought the two were the same damn thing.  Also lighters are flammible.  Um... coffee with flames coming out may be hot.  Humans... kill... them... all... no!!  Don't do that, some owe you money, mwahaha!!

Well I feel much better.  To help it last, I think it time to get everything ready for today, and get sleep, for when I get sleep, I get... energy!  Energy is the key to getting everything done.

So, JOHD, go Cubbies, and... I just might keep in contacvt with you more also :D
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