May 29th, 2004



yeah, i have issues, i know... hey let's do that wireless keyboard thing!

hey look it is bob!  He states he needs something better in his life... hmm... there he is again... I think Bob just needs to die, that would make him feel better, haha!!  Hey I think I am waking up. I woke up to about 2 years worth of emails to reply to, sweet, JOHD, that should take me... two years.  Well, I started the slow clean up process.  I may not get evicted out of this place after all... of course, this place sucks.  A lot, and I do not mean in that pleasent sperm releasing way.  Oh yeah, I think I have reached a new level of insanity.  No, that is okay, hey I want more beer.

I have a penis... er, or does it have me?  Ouch!  Stop byting me.

Beer... mmm...

Okay, so time for the 230a beer video game, hey JOHD hold my spot I am going to go kick some arse.

So I started the cleaning, and got a lot of the Quicken info update, and all that other stuff.  So you think I am awake now?  Hmm... interesting, we shall see I have heard this song and dance before.