May 10th, 2004


Behind China Eyes

I see it more clearly now.  The anger and resentment towards this so called home.  It is the rasism.  However, it is not whites thinking how blacks need to hit the high roads and take off, it is the blacks against the white man who merely... wants to hear some tunes.  I realized, since Stephine has left and George has come into play, that it is I the one who the cops are called upon even when it is within reasonable hours to play my music or have my fun.  You know, if blacks come up with a TV station just for them, they call it BET... if whites were to do the same, it would be called a racist channel of hate.  Things like this bother me, however, this place of hell where I now live bothers me more.  I better understand what I was really so pissed off with last time, dear JOHD, and the only way it ends is when we end our time here.  While it has been a most definite 8+ years living here... this here is not home.  It is, simply a stepping stone on the way to bigger and better things.  So let us find that, so that we can have what others have... happiness.  Also, may you all, those who never read this, weep in the sorrow that is your own doing, for karma is a dish best served washed.

{lick} yeah, haha, yeah I did...
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