May 3rd, 2004


Inverted Song of Time

So... there I am, enjoying my music, and a black piece of shit comes to my window.  I say it not to be racist, even though, in my time here, I have been fucked by colored people more than anyone JOHD, yet, I realize, it is not colored people, it is, straight up, humans.  Not male, not female, ust humans.  The same fucking humans who broke into my place like more times than I can count, who stole my trumpet since I was in fourth grade, who took my everything, my coins, and everything else.  You bastard, you take those racial and I shall kill you my fucking self.  Humans, Madd, matters not race, sexual preference, or anything else.  I was just sitting with Alex, minding my own business, and in comes the fuck sucker.  JOHD, I do not even remember what was said.  Maybe something about volume, however, you and I noted nothing, so, I have nothing to back up your anything.  I can only say... pay more fucking attention or I shall kill you with my very own bear hands.

Now that I have told you my mind, and you realize where I come from, hear this.  Hear it well.  I am in control.   Yeah, me.  Not them.  I protected Alex... I dd so against what is known as an attractive woman... one of those who I am to bow down to, and lay my anything to, and I said fuck it, for I knew where my priorities are.  I shalll be damned if I let any of these fucks get in my fucking way of who I am... and you know, any who go beyond my ability, can deal with God.  For I have paid much for my sins, and as my 30th birthday rolls around, I shall continue to pay.  It is my destiny, just as life is the destiny for all of those who live it and attempt to fight it.

I do not remember who you are... but I fucking dare you to show your fucking face to me again.  I forget it this time, for I deem myself the inability to remember who you are... however, next time, I come out, and I greet or meet you, and we settle it there, as to who the fuck you think you fucking are.  You kitty eating freakizoid, haha!!
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