April 15th, 2004

ani-moo cow

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ah... the circus... now I know where I am.  I am stuck inside this psychodic circus... and they are going to take me away... far away, and that is what I want...

life... is getting me, but it is not the external life of others that get me, it is the life of Maddness... for every wonderful great thing about a human or a human's life, strange things come about to count it.  the whole ying and yang... good and evil, night and day.  for my honesty, and brillience in intilectual capacity that I possess... procrastination and slight bursts of insanity and irrationalism balance it out.  make me flawed, and unloved by some... discouraged by myself.  why does my technology work the same way?  odd... I wonder if it simple means that my technology is far advanced to anything I know.  maybe everything is talking to each other in a real sense of the word.  it could be, that this computer acts the way it does because it really is alive.  maybe one day it will convince my waterbed to cook me while I sleep... then again, who would give the computer attention?  i can only stay connected to the internet so long if I die... someone will figure out it's existance, however, and claim it for their own... passing on what this machine posesses.  one of these days, a doll is going to come alive and attempt to kill me.  yet it will feel sympothy for me, and realize, that death by insanity would be a more interesting way to get to me.  why not overload the mind that thinks anything is possible.

i want to be doing something, this is not it.  i can't believe I feel for sex again.  haha, i cannot believe my mind gives in so easily under any state.  i think i gave myself a handicap.  humans help, they are a virus of this world, however minus a large asteroid that problem is not going to be remedied any time soon.  it is not that the sex was bad, mind you, it was the best I have had in a really long time, even if I did not finish.  at least for once it was not my fault.  many things are my fault, how does that happen i wonder.  ooooooh yeah... if something is my fault it is not the fault of others.  that clears the consious of other humans and allows them to sleep better at night.  yet how can any human sleep better while I still exist?  i shall keep peering into the minds, Reality, and existance of other humans, and i shall always make them think... hahaha... i wonder what more the paracite... humans, or one in particular.  hey this is a rather catchy tune.  i enjoy the 3/4 melody... or i guess 6/8, or maybe even 7/9 as my trip the the land of yeast and cheese™ pops into my mind... that is it, my mind, that out of control thing, what does it want.  i know you want something, and don't say kids.  ANSWER ME!!  I am talking to you... I wish to take control of you.  I will take control of you.  I am going to do it, and there is nothing any mortal can do to stop me.  Then I shall create a vast empire, and many shall follow into my wing.  I will have plenty of flowers and a crystal ball, it shall be a more excellent event.  I'll invite a cat, maybe even a dead one.  I see you hiding in there... yawn all you want, it is not the lack of oxygen I would be worried about.

Ah, I heard that.  Floyd... that is what I require now, some Floyd.  This psycho circus music is starting to interfer with my thinking patterns.

There... the one thing even the primal urges of sex cannot penetrate any more.  I guess it is not that I really have a problem with sex... just the out of control thought processes of the last week or whatever it was.  However, the Floyd grows stronger and.... there we go.

Hmm... implant put into the side of my head near my ear, with a continous feed for Floyd.  Wow life would be a hand basket and a half.  Darn adult ADD... eh, like everything else in this world, there are things around it, and it all involves the mind.  Now you just do not know what you are saying.  You think you do, but I know better than that.  Your tricks shall not work on me.  None the least.  You simply... think to fast.  Relax.  Things come to you when you think, so start thinking and stop being so uppity and out in the mind processing.  I command thee to listen to the basic requests of the mind.  You are not allowed to shut them down.  It is time for some productivity.  That is what I ask of you.

I ask you do me this favor, as I have done much for you in the past, and have you in the contently happy life style that you have.  You makes things difficult because the fighting back process is an event, well, choose to focus on the vent of keeping to date.

To date, you are brillent, you remember, JOHD update.  You have plenty of time, and obviously, something has gotten into you.  Go, and be productive bring you back to me to JOHD.  That would please me...

so maybe I am not so confused anymore, moooooooooooooo
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