April 7th, 2004


Shaken not Stirred

Wow Sparky cracks me up when he goes beyond.  Well... SHIT.  Fuck my mind and fuck the technology that is suppose to help me remember.  Cannot believe I forgot a former's birthday.  Not only that, it was a former who I dated the longest.  Granted, for no reason after I broke up with her she told all her family I was a big asshole for no reason and they most likely wished me dead, but that is no reason to forget.  hahaha... no... these days just slip by.  Some day soon here, I shall be dead, and I am not talking from young age.  Things escape me so easily.  I am going to remmeber to pray before I go to bed, so THERE.  Kiss my ass, mind.  Oh... you cant... fine... just imagine you are kissing my arse.  Okay, JOHD, something is wrong with your account... massively... AIM can tell me it has a bunch of new messages for you, however, I cannot access it through my email... I have to web base it... I noticed it ealier this waking day.  Not sure why, yet again, technology at it's finest.  Maybe if I get naked and run around down town screaming it will get better...

... no I don't think so.