April 1st, 2004


If I was that Fucking Stupid

... I would not make a player.  Seriously... what the fuck is microshit's deal with the media player needing everything its own fucking way?  Every stupid piece of shit fucking file in a my FUCK ME directory.  I want my nothing.  NOTHING I SAY DAMN YOU GILL BATES I STAB YOU MANY TIMES OVER WITH MY RUSTED SPOON!!



Ah yes... this is the Madd I have come to know and love... granted, he will be ripped of his music soon because he uses microfuck products... but eh, my own damn fault, no one forces me to this shit that comes from the master of ripping things off.

So I love Gretl... I really really do, because as she was leaving today, I realize just how much I really truly have grown up and adapted as a human.  Yeah... not a single bad or negative thought, which I realize old friend, makes no sense to you what so ever since I have not posted any updates because I shmoke monkey ass.  It will happen, I have proven it possible.  Well... it seemed that she think me... miffed, pissed, angry, or many a numourous adjetives.  Before I would think what a petty thing to think or feel.  After all, I am not the one married.  I am not the one with a rather darn good life, and kids.  Man kids... I almost want to just go out and have sex with 30 women in a week in the hopes I really have some fertility, because you know, that is the way I am programmed.  How to unprogram this crap is a mystory to me, even being a computer science graduate.  So here I am, the one on the recieving end, and I just cannot think a single bad thought.  Not a one, and it is not like I am attempting, as stated JOHD, this makes more sense when you go back and read the many things I wrote to you.  Of course, you are similar to God in that you know what I know... haha!!  Wow sweet these are the only two songs of the few dozen recognized.

Fuck you Bill... I hope you get served.

So why not feel the emotions any more?  Maybe the real love in my soul journeys forth.  My patients with humans... well... some times I think it has gone to the toliets.  Listening to them all bitch and complain about their 70 year old grand parents... listening to them be petty and self serving... to a point I just want to give them the classic, "Okay fine you can talk to my manager his name is DIAL TONE he will be with you in a few... {click}."  Mmm... yes, Pinky, excellent, fatality.  Some day I will do it.  Some day I will get pushed too far, and all I will appear to work in IS a Floyd shirt.  Nothing else.  hAhAhA!!  The Spirit of Service™ brought to you by Maddness.  However, not for a few more moments.

So much massive large amounts of love out to Gretl, who was smart enough to do a cab, since she is tired, and drinking and tired are rarely a good thing, unless it is with Madd, since Madd seems to have turned slightly alcoholic, meaning a nice excellent tolerance.  As long as I focus on my mind that it is not time to pass out, I seem to do a darn good job of functioning.  Even with assholes all about.

Speaking of which, JOHD, I would like to introduce you to one.  At this point, all I can say is his name is refered to as asshole/BJ.  I have not yet a name, however, when I get one, you and the world shall be the first to know.  Any human being who follows another to the bathrrom, to prove a point that spinning chairs it is bad, and breaks them (since 300+ lb men and women seem to have no effect on these same chairs), is basically an asshole.  I mean, I need absolutely no psychology in this field to understand the difference between what is said and what is real.  I mean, it takes no understanding of a deaf human to point out the sign for "bullshit", because I know it when I see it.  Hey asshole... I could only hope and pray that you see what I write here, because unlike you and your kind, I am not one to talk smack behind the backs of others.  So... some day, I will finger it out, and you shall have the link to this page right here... a special privelage... one where you get actual direct reference, to the women I love, JOHD.

hAhAhA... yeah, so thanks to all... it is great when someone is such an asshole that they follow you in the bathroom when you are attempting to piss, so that EVERYONE else can also see how much of an asshole you really are.  Because really, I need not say a single word (even though I do because I do not expect such "excellent" service while I attempt to pee for the 15th time)... you say it all for everyone to make their own judgements.

Oh, speaking of judgements, haha, I think on this world what I have done of late to how you, the asshole, have acted, and think, man, haha, no one escapes the Lord.  No one.

However, this entry is not about assholes... if it was I would talk about asshole.BJ and mysef, because hey, I can be a rather big asshole.  hEhEhE... ah yes, I sure can.  I mean, the plan work is all laid out, almost without flaw, minus the fact a human put it together.  Yeah, my many beyond imperfections of being human.  Oh, and it is not just being human, it is the imperfection of being such.

Damnit... all these humans have been making millions of posts, and here I am, for the past... ah... week, not reading up on any of them.  Very unfuckingacceptable of you, Maddness.  Especially to the two new humans who have joined the group.

I enjoy writting without filtering.  I do... I understand the world is not ready for it, and this was made evident when I worked at walmart.  Human beings, Harry, Teri, even dITZ... wgi would hear the unfiltered truths of my mind... and later... show just how unwell they dealt with it.  What do you say, JOHD... ?
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That explains a lot...

... well, JOHD... I think I finally figured out why it is that I have such a problem with women.  It does not surprise me that it happened when I was drunk, after all, it just brings out what was really there.  I can't believe I had sex with another man...
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