March 27th, 2004

ani-moo cow


Hmm... come home... door is open as I approach.  JOHD... let me tell you, I have come to pad before to see door open, and things gone.  Things toppled over.  Stuff like that.  Well... I think for once that the clutter known as my living quarters has thrown our would-be theif for a loop.  Something may have scared them away, and they simply may not have been able to make it by the box blocking traffic to couch/kitchen/bathroom/bedroom.  Luckily, Ghaleon travels with me everywhere.  The DVD collection... in Alex, the safest place I can think of due to this very reason.  Morphian is just hanging out here in the computer chair, so they must not have made it this far... assuming someone even came in, as opposed to just... cracking my door open.  Unfortunately, the lock is broke for the dead bolt.  So, I think it is time to get that fixed... IMMIDIATELY.

I also wish to thank God.  Lord, as You know, seeing that You know everything, even before it happens, that I have been robbed from before, that while I am way omre use to it than I started off... it sucks to be robbed from.  To be violated as I have been, with special things of little value to others, but large to myself.  My trumpet since 4th grade with things in it, the camcorder bag with the moviess and everything, and my phone... oh wait there was no attachment to the phone.  My Pink Floyd DVD... that has attachment.  My Magic cards... that just had a large $$$ value to it.  All these things taken from me, some impossible (okay, beyond difficult) to replace.  All of everything... "appears" to be here.  I remember it took like a year or so before I realized the Magic cards were gone.  So, something COULD be missing.  The Floyd albums are still there, so at any rate, mighty Lord, thank you for looking out after me.  I guess it pays to be a member...
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