March 26th, 2004


Glue My Liver

{sigh} I feel really good, old friend.  A bit warm, even buck naked, yet well.  Of course, this is mental we are talking about.  It appears that Melee is experiencing trouble.  Already Link must undergo yet another format to correct his problems.  I do not think he has anything to do with Melee acting strange, even though, who knows.  (note to humans: Melee is my 80GB external drive that holds all of my multimedia files [MP3, wave, JPG, etc]; luckily I believe in back ups so little data would be lost if I lose him alltogether).

However, I am behind on my net duties.  For once the schedule problem is not my own since work keeps messing it up and fixing it (twice now).  They better get their butt in gear.  I want updates.  Ghaleon is doing a beyond excellent job keeping me up to date with you, JOHD.  This makes Madd happy.  Other than that, I am not exactly sure why I feel like I have been legally chemically induced for happiness, other than my ability to mentally will happiness to myself, a trick I hope to paten and sell off to the world... so I can retire, haha.

Of course... maybe finding Sparky again has something to do with it.  Also, the fact Melissa actually mentioned me without negativity also has something to do with it (note to Melissa: your email has not yet been read and is part of the catch-up proccess).  I do not like my happiness being linked to external situations... because it means I would have little control over my overall well being.  {sigh} Yeah, the pains of being human, tee-hee.
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