March 15th, 2004


Mobile Insanity Children

hahaha!!  I forgot how psycho this music gets me!!  JOHD I would like to introduce </a></b></a>ifonlythe80s, someone who I met... I believe... from... ah... um... the internet :D -lol- Ah, yeah, okay, no more morning crack for you Madd.  She added herself, so I am looking for the add button myself, since she also commented to posts!!  Whoohoo!!

Things are excellent, JOHD, just absolutely wonderful.  I think the biggest thing that makes things wonderful is thanks to my new child, Ghaleon.  The ability to catch up with my day and to even get updates, email, website, and everything else is a strong possibility with Ghaleon at work with me.  Or at the bar... or anywhere else!!  Look ma, no wires!

While for every action there is a reaction, for every massive relationship problem there is another one that goes from problem to resolved.  I got a pop from Starr of all humans, who still remembers me and even dropped her phone number.  It is an excellent time to use the resorces I have and ensure proper contact info, which reminds me, the mobile requires some tweeking.

{note to humans}

Hey humans, now I am TRULY mobile!!  AIM, MSN Messanger, and Yahoo Messanger have been fitted with a mobile version of myself, that either is Ghaleon, my phone, or me at some other dude's place (in which case I am most likely on Ghaleon anyway).  For anyone who wishes this mobile contacts, just send me a message and I shall provide it for you!


So much work, so little time, so much fun!!  Tee-hee...
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