March 5th, 2004


Talk to the Something

{note to humans}

For any and all humans who have an issue about the fact many events in 2003 will be... private, and not friend's only, speak with Melissa.  She is the one dictating that, I apologize for the inconvience.  I pride my life as an open book for all to read, however, not all view it that way.  I am in underwear right now.


I dislike technology... I dislike the fact that Link cannot run more than 3 days... and then runs into massive problems that require a restart.  Fuck you technology, fuck you in your stupid asses.  The only thing I can think to do to make things go as smoth as possible... laptop.

JOHD, remind me to talk to you about the perfect woman.
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ani-moo cow

Oh No, Not Again


hmm... I really may wish to invest in not playing this song on repeat, JOHD, for I do believe... that my very brain is getting sucked out and washed in a technocolored raincap.

what is wrong with you, since you would be better off sleeping...

leave the humans alone... leave... them alone

they are not ready... er wait, you are not ready

i hear snoring, yet, i am not sleeping

Dr Leary follow Alex and take him where he requires going

no more sanity for you, ya big dirty man

a dollar to however gets this right

"When is it?"
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