January 24th, 2004


Still on the Train

hehehe... hmm... train, I remember when that meant something else.  Well, here JOHD it means on the right track, which is something I am proud to report I am still doing.  Comments have not fallen behind, and current email and finances are pretty much well on track.  Even you, my dear, are pretty much well up to date.  I even updated your Morphian conduit!!  Death to procrastination, death to procrastination.  Long live the empire of Maddness.  The final steps of completing everything is near.  Soon the laptop with Morphian friendly functions shall be mine, and then all shall click from there.  Yeah, technology is failing me and making things difficult, however, since when does that ever stop me?  hEhEhE!!

  • Current Music
    Zelda Dance Maddian remix repeat