January 20th, 2004

ani-moo cow

Still Going Strong

While your updates are not following what I had planned, I have managed to keep current with the current year, AND with all the comments despite how pissy Melissa has been of late.  I for once, have been maintaining without falling behind.  Any attempts at a fall in mood have been able to be corrected with a simple flip of a switch, just like what all those insane customers expect with their repair services.  I have even been nicer, more thoughtful, and responsive to other humans who are not breaking ill-wind towards me {ah-choooo}  hAhAhA!!  Even my sexuality is better under wrap.  This shall be a good year, a good year indeed.  JOHD, I would go as far as saying I will most likely be able to complete Alex payments easily this year.  I may wait until next year for house hunting, just so that I will have plenty of money to back my grabby little hands, mwahaha!!

Oh, and for the record, Madd, when you go and read this a few down the road, just to remind you, since it helps to do so, no matter how bad or far off you think you are in procrastination, that it will overrun you, remember that you got your butt off your seat, and got an upgraded paying job from Wal-Mart.  You also did what was thought unimaginable, you graduated from school.  You got a new vehicle, made arrangements with a doctor to continue heart testing, kept up to date with your health, and even returned a phone call or two!!  You went as far as starting to keep to pace with email, and are on the way of catching up with old.  I am proud of you, Master Madd Maxx, proud indeed.  Since you rarely hear it from anyone, especially yourself, consider it heard now.  Thanks.

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