January 15th, 2004

ani-moo cow

Crisp and Clean

With no caffine even.  Well, the one thing that is going to freak me out is my doctor calling me at work and me not getting to talk to them until 8 minutes after.  However, JOHD dear, it appears that I tested negative, for all those nasty bugs, including the big, and including the incurable.  The one thing she noted, which I found strange, was that I should get a Hep B vaccine.  The understanding goes as this.  Well, at least, this is how I translated it.  HepA can be gotten by foods, and ahs a cure.  HepB and HepC are from "other methods" (haha, she could have said sex).  HepB and HepC have no cure, however, you can get a vaccine for HepB so you do not recieve it.  I think the funny part is I think she is implying I am going to be sleeping around a bit.  Eh, who knows, that was just the feeling I got from the comment.  No matter, I had killed my sex life way back when anyway, however, many things in life is possible so why not.  To be honest, I think she is in league with the drug company and wants me to get it so they can get $$$.  hAhAhA!!  Crazy humans.

Also, my bowel movements are back to normal.  I think I had just popped a blood vessle.  That had checked out anyway in the first place.

On a bad note, I think I have something PHYSICALLY wrong with me.  That whole old age thing.  My sperm still seems it is not the right colour, but then again, this all happened after my diet.  Hmm... I am not sure, there is a chance of things such as cancer and the like, so, I guess now I have something else to look forward to.  If they have to stick another swab up my meatpole, however, I think I'm going to lose my mind.  If I do have a problem and I get it checked soon enough, well, things can be done.  Arg... this stupid body.  My throat hurts a little also, right in the back left side, and not like I have a cold, but like something pierced it or something.  I don't know... I do not think I did my body well and it may be beyond repair.  Just falling apart, and here I am working to keep it together.  You know, JOHD, when it is my time it is my time.  I am not sure the reason I work so hard to keep myself healthy anymore.  Maybe, more than anything, it is the challenge.