January 9th, 2004

ani-floyd wave

Bend and {cough}

Well, JOHD friend... not only did I have my arse probed, and my blood picked... haha, yeah, that one I do not mind... I also had the dreaded... yep. Swab thrusted 8 feet up the penis trick.  If ever there was anything that got me to get sick just looking at an attractive woman, that right there would be the trick.  Oh the pain... the pain of it all.  If she was digging for gold I dropped it off at the pool before I went to bed last night.  What a horrible thing.  Can't I get jack off in the waiting room in front of all the patients while it's televised on every TV station?  Yeah, that would be better.  The road to better starts on a nasty dirt road.

In other exciting news, JOHD, I'm tired, haha.  I have not had decent sleep this entire week.  I am so looking forward to sleeping in Sunday.  I think I will turn my ringer off.
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