December 27th, 2003


D'em Bones

Bones, JOHD!!  Everywhere!!  I love tweak toys.  No, toad, not that kind of tweak.  I am getting ready to wind down.  I am very happy, I got a lot done, even though ONCE AGAIN I am fighting my Quicken data verses my Qwest data.  This is what I get for updating an entire year of paychecks towards the last month of the year.  On the bright side, way more cleaning done!  This makes Madd happy.  I am also VERY excited for the new year.  I am excited because of the massive change I expect in my behavior, and a change brought on to end procrastination once and for all.  What gives me faith, yeah, I know JOHD you have heard me make this claim more than anyone else.  JOHD... I graduted.  I completed a college degree that I otherwise was going to not have completed.  I have made other changes as well.  In fact, I think I might start/join a pen-pal similar list for snail mail.  Ha!!  How is that for something totally out of character?  I had been thinking about that all waking day.  That and something about humans and a dislike for a specific kind, however, I do not remember where that thought had gone... I think I lost it some time between leaving Alex and heading towards Qwest.  I have too much crap.  Lots and lots... I found a few things, however.  It was a few, there is more I am hoping to find in this dump called my living quarters.  {yawn} Yay to dump... boo to something else.  I am getting tired... ah... close to 4a.  Wow I had worked on that new work schedule, and just realized, I put no link back to my web site.  Crazy human Madd {punt} {yawn}.  Eeks, okay, teeth brushing time.

I think MOST of all, JOHD, I am excited about the fact that soon YOU shall be up to date... and things will be closer to old times, when you and I use to talk all the time... and talk and talk.  Of course, no one was allowed to see what we were talking about back in those days.  Do you even remember why we ever had it that way?  I mean, originally, you were nothing more than a forced task, and you slightly annoyed me.  Other humans got to write special things to you, and wow, how is that for strange thinking now who you have become.  So anyway, it is really exciting times, since the end of the year shall mark the catch up of you... even though unfortunately much information was lost {sniff}.  Yeah... oh JOHD don't even start with me... haha, toad, I know how the procrastination road goes, and I know how to {yawn} stop it.  Yeah, and stop yawning, Madd.  Freak toad.
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