December 12th, 2003


Bug Off, Just Bug Off

Hmm... when I was still half asleep/awake, I remember feeling this bug that attacked me.  I thought to myself, "What crap!  This new diet, all these increased everything, and here I am, about to get sick."  Right now... the throat issue appears to be 50% better, and it is not even 2 hours later.  I wonder how my body would be if I was not on my new diet, hmm.  JOHD, I think the stuff in the Q water getting people pregonated is also possibly responsible for the bug.  I've not made out with anyone minus a 3 year old with a cold, however that was about a week or so ago.  Crazy sick kids wanting to kiss... blarg.  It might be my container, I never wash it.  There has to be an easy way to do this and still get my water.  I am not sure.  My procrastination issue is... well... changed.  I am getting things done and I am understanding better why I am putting things off... Newton's First.  Unfortunately, JOHD, I am getting little to no outhelp help in this area as I had originally planned.  In fact, I am sure I talked to you about this already.  I guess the flip side is that while I am not where I want to be, the progress I have made shows that no matter what this insane setback to my mind is, I do have the ability to overcome it.

hehe, I said come...