November 22nd, 2003


The Cholesterol Capp

(0143a) Well, JOHD, no the bright side my new watch has no cholesterol, no fat, no carbs, and makes noises when I touch it.  It appears that... well... not everything is as bad as I expected, even though, the sadness was defintely real.  Even my veggie tray was not safe, it appears {sigh} the veggie dip was high... granted, it is the last to go on the list.  Well... God definitly loves and looks out for me, as my angel hair pasta and that is only at 2%.  I may have to call them to make sure it is not a misprint.  Granted, in the frozen area I am going to have to change a few things.  My word a few things ranged into 20%, and that is too high.  Oh yeah, my nice log of summer sausage... {sigh} like 398% {sob}.  Well, on the strange side, my jerky is under 8%!!  Whoohoo!!  Thanks again, God!  Yeah, wow, those mini cupcake things are like15%+!!  What in the WORLD do they put in that?  Of course the only thing that almost made me cry was seeing my milk about 7% per serving, which for milk is not going to be cool.  I say soymilk.  Soymilk?  Could someone explain to me why there is soymilk in my fridge?  Anyone?  JOHD?  Did you put soymilk in my fridge?  I still have my 2% milk, however, it may have to go soon... I so hope I do not throw up my soymilk.  Please no... oh, my Chunky soup is 5%, that was a shock.  The Serloin burger was like 7% or 8%, however, I rarely eat that so I should be good to go.  That also makes me happy.  I am generally happy even though there is some sadness since there are a few foods that I am losing.  I hope the Apple Cinniman Cherrios can handle the soymilk.

Hmm... on an unrelated note, I have some thoughts about the Gizmo-Capp situation... nothing bad, however, I am not sure of the words.  For some reason I am tired, and once again do not wish to put much into thinking.  However, video games come natural, I think I will take that route.  It has been a while since I have done FFTA.
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