November 10th, 2003


I Am Still Winning

Even though it is 240a... I win.  No late night chick fest... teeth brushed... and soon, prayer.  Yay for Madd.  I'm not going to talk forever today, dear JOHD.  I am going to go to bed... rather early I might add.  I think I can win over my body, I really do.  Even my twitching leg.  Oh, and I pretty much well expect nothing to be able to be done on Tuesday when I go to the doctor, however finally I can put all the humans at rest.  I think it rather silly to spend $5 to have someone tell me what I already know... that could go into a beer.  Even though tired, I am in rather good spirits still.  My productivity has put me in a good mood.  This will mark the first time that back up files were all deleted because they were restored.  I still have files from the old computer some where that I have not yet updated.  My word, I am not even sure where the disk for those files are now.  It is just a matter of time, and I will be better than before... faster... stronger... hungrier. {yawn}
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Candy Messanger

I am tired... and have plegued my existance to the world long enough, for now it is time for sleep, haha.  Philosophy or other, did not matter.

Trust no one, but me, Scully.

Oh before I sleep... Madd... please remember to talk about the rules of tipping, and customer service and what it really means since the money evil BJ people have no clue, thanks!

The thing that wigs me the most about trex is that she may be a he, haha...
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