November 9th, 2003


Humans Eat Humans 0625a

Hmm... in the realm of beings and everything-is-done-for-me syndrome, I notice... humor... well, humor on my part, old friend.  Then again, I find humor in many things.  Each time I farted this waking (almost to be passed out) day, I giggled, and I am the only one in here.  I even do so when I belch... yet, not when I breathe, and it is all air flow thru the body.  Granted... flagulance has air passed thru a higly bactieria-ed area, and belching thru a some-what bacteria-ed front tongue... and breathing, well, generally happens thru my noise.  hEhEhE!!  See?  Right over the boogers, man, I knew I would find something high-larious in simply doing nothing but staying alive.

I think my foot might heel... hahaha!!  Oh damnit I kill you!!  JOHD, I wish I knew where your old counterpart was... the actual {gasp} pen and paper... oh wow... I remember some of the crazy insane written... like the awards show.  Yeah, and I remember something about chicken and watermellon... and something about taking someone over a stove and shoving a hot bun from my pants or, man, I cannot remember back 11+ years!!  What do I look like, a human with a working synapitical time-space function system?  JOHD, why am I still up? I just do not under{yawn}stand.  Ha, that was not funny.  I find no humor in thinking about still being up and yawning.  Oh man this F2-world1 midi file is in the wrong... something.  I wonder if they ever really played the game.  I miss playing :`( Of course, of all the things I miss, I miss my virginity the most.  Oh yeah, I had been thinking about that recently... darn if I can spell the word recently in the first attempt.  Oh, where did I go?  There I am.  Hi JOHD... hi... how are you?  hEhEhE!!  I am not sure why I'm laughing... I mean, I talk to you quiet often, followed more only by God.  Yeah, I have known God longer, I wonder if I knew you when I knew Him if I would be the same way.  Did I mention I went and found a bunch of crazy humans and almost all of them in this Des Moines area had something cool about them?  I liked the Floyd one the most... yes yes... Floyd Floyd...

That reminds me of my days touring with the Dead, haha!!  No way my mother was too busy doing acid in the 70's for me to worry about that.  I am attempting to remember where I said that before... it was either to you or it was the FORUMS.  I had been in a strange mood, I think starting like way ealier today.  Or, it was before I went to bed maybe.  I am not sure, I just know I had read something in Gretl's LJ, and it kinda... hit me, oh wait, this had to be more than just yesterday... meaning Saturday before which would make Friday.  In fact I think it was before work... damnit... hey, JOHD, my mind is actually getting better.  Of course, however you enhance a turd is well beyond my understanding.

hehehe mmeemmmemememe!!  Wow... this song never ceases to amaze me, ever, well, since some glue, bugs, and Creepshow.  WhooHoo!!  I think I even still own the DVD some where... I think some point soon I am going to play it, and the some, and buy some glue and hahekwjherakjhrfa -lol- oh dear I think I peed my pants!!  Wait, I am not wearing pants.  Darn, never mind.  This time you can't blame this post on Agent Smith.  Andy makes a good Agent Smith.  Banes makes a better.  I can talk a Smith, however I cannot look a Smith.  I can look a Tom Green... {sigh} Madd don't depress us.  Actually I just turned and looked in a mirror, I really am far looking from him now, I wonder what happened?

Hi, my name is Madd Martin and I am an AIM-rate-a-buddy holic.  I find chicks who use the words "sexy" and "sexy" and the like, and give them 1's for being egotistical... and the people with good profiles I give decent scores.  Some times I just click lots of 1's in a row, because AIM pisses me off.  The porn bots found me again.  They are not even GOOD porn bots.  They SUCK!!  They don't talk to me.  It is like, they dump their sperm in my vigina and run away.  Not even a kiss.  I wanna give up swearing.  I'll fucking start tomorrow.  Eh, I did that once before, and it worked a long time.  I did it because a woman inspired me... then she represented everything I dislike in females... leaving me high and dry with a T/X 3V.  I am going to replace my swearing with talking phone talk.  That way I can prove my roll in this space-time is incorrect and be sent back to my original planet... either the one with a bubble gum wrapper or the pork chop.  hEhEhE!!!!!!!  Oh my word I cannot believe I remembered that!  Wow... old school... I am not sure how old I was when I realized I did not come from a bubble gum wrapper.

Yeah I remember what I was thinking now... I think it deals with placement in one's life.  If only everyone was a random human, then I would have no issues at all.  None... well, with no other humans at least.  Yeah, I read, and the one question I thought I would have pegged... I... did not... it is as if, once again, I have failed.  Again, again with the failing.  I don't like to lose... not in that respect.  It is one thing if I lose to someone better than myself.  I mean, if I go into battle with 20 HP, 3 MP, and a short sword, and am going against someone with 400 HP, 200 MP, a Ribbon around their head, an angel ring, and a Madd Slayer Sword (all swings against a Madd get a 125% bonus to hit and +420 to damage) then I do not expect to come out of that battle in very good shape.  Granted... I am suppose to think with the frame of mind that "anything can happen", meaning, this person could some how fall and a name tag of "Madd" lands on them, making the sword hit themself... twice... however the human world taints my brain.  That or maybe lead does.  It might be something in my water.  You tell me, your the innanimate object with clairvoience and better spelling than I ever will have.  I do not think it is fair to blame this on the time, either, however, I had gone 24 hours without food, and at Perkins, wow, did I look... different.

So yeah... the post got me to think about Myles.  You know, for almost 2 years now I have not completed it.  How is that for a massive let down?  However, I am still his best friend.  Hmm... I really have little for compitition.  I have suspitions... no, JOHD, sorry, I mentally changed on you.  I also think it is about time to move on with Mana... her replies to me get less and less.  On an odd note, the Starr with the same human given name contacted me a while back... even sent an IM about finding raspberry ice cream.  Regular.  No low fat crap (sorry dITZ).  I told her that she must some how be mistaken... however, maybe it is I who am mistaken... after all, JOHD, as I have been told, many times, many people, I am just a... rude type person.

Whoohoo!!  I am I am!  I think I am just going to admit it.  I am rude.  I am rude because I am not of this world.  I am not, I tell you, I am either wrong planet or wrong time.  A better time would have been in the days of medivil times, or however one spells that word.  THAT was Madd's time.  Heck, even my name would have been better accepted.  Sir Madd Martin L Kroeger.  Yeah, people had unique names back in the day.  Plato... imagine never hearing of a Plato and naming a kid that now... granded, we are talking like Greek to American here.

I did not laugh this time I farted, even though I cracked a smile when I started... hehehe... okay, well, the more I write (-lol-) oh dear I cannot finish my {sigh} sentance, and I think... well, I am not sure where that sigh came from.  I think I might start on the look out again for The One.  I am not talking cheesy Jet Lee flick either.  I mean the one of all ones, and you know, male or female, the human exists out there.  Hey!!  I have gotten so much actual work done!  Think about it, I have... ah... I am not sure, not too much more stuff to put on the computer.  {yawn} Wow, I've been talking to you for a whole hour now.  I do not remember taking any one time and writing to you that much... of course, writing by hand is not easy, and I would think it would be since I get so much practice with my right hand.  I have bones... bones I have... maybe I'm drunk, no... have to be drinking for that... hahaha!!  My word, I just rmemeber what I went to bed to last night... sex... and not mine, either.  Not even in my place was it.  People upstairs may want to invest in some WD40 (or duct tape).  He was pounding her fast, then slow, then appeared to stop, then fast, then slow, then fast.  There was a few stops... did not seem to go more than... eh... 5 or so minutes, I was too turned on by it to keep track.  My hand signed a preconsent agreement that no matter how much beer I pour over it to drunkify it, that in no way shape or form is that considered masturbation.  I remember when I use to spell that word wrong.

Wow, going back to flashbacks... playing this... I see me on one side of the car, with a gameboy plugged into the car deck, and dITZ signing the mirror reflection of this song.  Wow, I have more shivers than usual.  I think this shall be the song I sleep to tonight.  I have been listening to more music of late, that could possibly be a factor to something.  I enjoyed watching the Enterprise episode today, about Archer not able to store anything into long term memory.  When I ramble, I tend to do that... forget what I was talking about.  It might be good reading.  Just flushing out the brain before bed... and bobbin' my head to this killer music.  It stopped... mwahaha!!  Oh yeah I have a reverse key on my keyboard, and here I thought I was driving a car.  Car, JOHD, not kar... thank you for getting me out of that phase.  Wow!  I actually remember why I started this post... so... let's end it the way it started.

So I was reading the comments about Lochjournal, and seeing the humans go after each other.  That is what got me to thinking, then everything else just pourred out.  {sigh} Okay... think think think... I am ready for bed, THIS IS A LONG TIME first.  Yay for Madd!  I am bouncing... hmm... no, does not help with sleeping.  Sweet, I just halusincated a sound and it freaked me out, okay, that is not gonna help.  Um... I'm already in my jammers.  Ha... underwear... jammers... hmm... that REMINDS me, my word, I have to buy new underwear!!  All my underwear is from when I was... well... smaller... I think part of my problem has been my underwear pushing my gut into my body.  It would explain why I do not appear to have the appitite I do, having to force myself to eat.  Waiting 24 hours I do not force, it comes naturally.  Peni come natually also... well...

Okay, humans are tasty.
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