November 3rd, 2003


I Feel...

... so incredibly strage.  It started with a major... I want to say depression.  Now it has mellowed out.  Something about my life feeling empty or void.  Something about...Madd, and I am unable to put my finger on it.  Something is wrong in my universe and I wish to find out what it is.  Metroid music... has helped a rather large bit.  I feel it has brought me to the mellow state.  I have things on my mind... maybe unresolved issues.  I also wonder, JOHD, can I really live with another human?  Gizmo is a very unique and wonderful guy, however, he surpresses things.  Does the tainted human society instill sadness that I am of the age I am and single with no prospects in my current future?  That would be unfortunate if that was true.  Why do my dreams become so distant to me when they use to be filled with such detail?  Is my foot permenately damaged?  Is it ever going to stop raining?  I enjoy rain, I like it.  I do not like it when it comes to the insides of Alex and the like, however.  I do not feel the weather effects me as it does other humans.  I think my procrastinations depress me.  I think so more than anything.
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    "Data Selection Screen" - Metroid