October 23rd, 2003


Danger Madd Robinson

I'm not a Robinson, JOHD, but I saw one on TV and work with another.

(note to humans)

The computer finally has snapped... I mean big time.  Any IM sent thru AIM, yahoo, or MSN from Wednesday 0200p to whenever it logged off were lost.  I think what is happening is the computer starts to run at 100% CPU indefinitely, to a point the hardware overloads and shuts down the computer.  It is a hard shut down.  I cannot even turn the power on.  I have to flip the circuit switch for the UPS to be able to use it again.  Until further notice, I most likely will not be leaving the computer or chat programs running while I am away.


Well, JOHD, I survived last night and this morning.  It had been an extremely emotional time.  Friends were... well... in altered states that required prompt attention.  I spent a bit of time consolidating people.  Hmm... no, I do not think they were in debt.  Anyway... hey, I kissed a guy, whoohoo!!  Luckily I was emotionally strong.  I was able to mentally handle everything without cracking down.  I did not feel like anyone was attempting to control or do things to me.  On a very sad note, Morphian was injured.  His power button sticks because beer got spilt on him.  Never leave a child unattended in a bar {sigh}.  This is very discouraging due to the fact the way he operates is difficult to get him to turn on and the like.  I am going to have to see what I can do to hopefully fix this.  I may have to take him apart and operate, and that scares me.  However, something has to be done.

I had so much fun this last 14 hours.  I really did.  I wish to thank everyone, from Gizmo to Gretl (I before R).  From dITZ to Moondrop (some day I'll spell it correctly).  From Moe to Larry... hahaha, there was no Moe, the reason M before L.  However, I thought it sounded cool.  So take care everyone, time for work.