October 21st, 2003


It is Past All Ends

{sigh} It is that time, JOHD.  My current work around is to use Zelda to web browse and Madd Martin for chatting/email.  The big problem with that is that Zelda does not hear when Madd Martin gets messages, so any surfing of the net means no messages until I go back.  The only other thing I can think of is to delete all cache for IE on Madd Martin.  Maybe something is causing the problem, I am not sure.

The time, however, is to format.  I cannot handle this any longer.  This is going to discourage me until it is resoved.

(note to humans)

I really do apologize however my reponding to many people is going to be extremely slow until the current problem I have is resolved.  While I could simply take the C and D drive and dump them over to H, my biggest concern is the many programs I paid actual money for that require registration keys to work.  I my go through every single program I have and find all this information.  I must also make sure things like the Palm directory (for Morphian) are properly taken care of, and most important, I have many emails that have been moved to local computer and must make sure that they are saved and can be imported back to Outlook Express.  I apologize for any delays and inconviences this causes anyone.