October 20th, 2003


Stupid Technology

(some notes for humans)

Okay... for some reason, Madd Martin is not able to use IE for IE will overload the CPU.  Zelda, however, can.  Madd Martin is the user name that I originally had, and Zelda was a new one for XP I created in attempts to get automated services to work without having a password for Madd Martin.  Well, it kinda worked, however, not the way I wanted to, so I gave Madd Martin a password.  Then I decided to keep Zelda.  In the event anyone came over to use my computer, they could mess up the config for Zelda and I would not care.

Some strange things started to happen.  My Computer, My Documents, and the Network Neighborhood started to "rename" themselves.  Every time I changed the name, some time down the road they would just simply... revert.  This is only on Madd Martin.  Zelda does not have this problem.  Now, even more strange things are happening.  It boils down to formatting the computer.  I have had this computer "as-is" for like over 2 years now.  I believe that is can no longer function the way it is suppose to.  However, I would require a few months of preping to make sure I do not lose any important files, serial codes (and I mean for my LEGIT copies) and the like.

Furthermore, I have been battling with getting the WWW back in my web site.  Besides that, I am battling to get the mySQL database to stop boning me.  I notice at times now it appears to give connection errors.  I believe this to be a problem with my provider, not anything on my side.  For those who use my forum site at http://madd74.com/forum just simply be patient.  I fixed ONE massive problem from the birthday upgrade attempt.  Now, it is up to my provider to take care of whatever is wrong on their side.  If they tell me I have to redo the entire thing from scratch, then you can all catch me on the 10 o'clock news, as the next infamous serial murderer.


It appears that I have no emails from the 15th to the time I knew I was getting email.  This means if anything was sent on the 15th, or the 16th, that I did indead not get it.
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