October 16th, 2003



Well... the Cubs... defeated... and... the web site down... {sigh} well... things will continue.  For those who rub it in and root for the Yankees... Florida vs Boston...

Dark Week

Hmm... the week just keeps coming down and down.  JOHD... I fear that the GBAsp, FFTA, and Morphian's reserve battery are permenately lost.  Not at Alex, not here, not at work, and not in my little briefcase thing.  So add some... more uncool things to this week... and mope around.  I have absolutely no motivation to do anything right now.  I sense I am fighting off a cold, for my throat and nose had warned me slightly before I feel asleep.  There is so much I want to do, so maybe I will go to bed early and hope I actually fall asleep and stay asleep.  Despite all, I am thankful for God, and all the wonderful things He has done for me.  Just another setback... many hours lost and over $200 worth of toys.  I really wish it would stop happening so.  Of course, the Cubs losing was a hard blow.  I saw some of the reactions to fans after the loss, and some looked as if they were going to cry.  Eh... and BJ said the manager was not in until 9am... so... you know, there is hope.  Some humans on this planet are still decent.
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