October 15th, 2003


Madd's World Update 031015.3

http://madd74.com is DOWN

Well... stupid me, was not around at all yesterday and renewal on my web site was due 10-15. It has been temporarily disable. Hahaha, I was SNIPPED FOR NON-PAY. This is my own fault, and I expect the site to be up and running within 24 hours. I originally was going to go with another provider because I was not happy I was going to be charged for MySQL usage. However, that was changed. So I made payment and expect it to go thru by whenever. (I say stupid because I knew about it... this is part of the procrastination problem I have)

-right now: well... I had been away from my computer for over 24 hours (obviously). I spent the night over at Gizmo, then I went and spent most of the night with him, up to the Cub's game where I went out to eat. I work very soon, so I am getting ready for work. I have a game rental to drop off, and have not yet eaten or anything. Plans for tonight include BJ's at 10p. Afterwards I am spending time with Gretl. It is... well... a very special time. Looking into Thursday, besides celebrating the Cub's victory, I am looking to start on the email catch up. So... take care to all. Once again, I am behind, and close to running late.
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