September 22nd, 2003


The Simplistic

JOHD, I believe even you remember my time rather well back in the Neola era.  I may be wrong, I shall not know until I find you yet again.  So... peaceful and simplistic, just like myself.  Aye, so simple.  JOHD, I believe myself to be the most simplistic human on the fact of this earth here.  I am and I have much proof.  You have heard me talk of this proof in the very past.  You have also heard me critisize how much I miss those days.  They were most excellent days, indeed.  hEhEhE... I remember the long haul process of making the most powerful baseball team on the world, where even the pitchers hit many home runs per season.  Ah yes, that is how I learned that after so many points, when you brought in a new picture that there was no save.  I guess when you are ahead 100+ runs, bringing in another picture does not constitute a save.  Then there was that infamous code... when it is.  Well back then I did not have the aid of Pink Floyd... Pink Floyd, the masterful wonders, who have their own issues (worse than my own as one female would claim) to an extent... that maybe I overlook?  No, JOHD, it is not overlooking... it is amazing Pink Floyd has gone as far as they have... {sigh} I mean really... all humans care for, besides themselves, are about things like money, fame, and the like.  Taking that into consideration, Pink Floyd did rather well.

I guess I still dream... and I still hold onto the idea, that anything goes.
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