September 14th, 2003


Home... Again

(note to HUMANS)

Well... despite almost passing out many multiple times, and three, count them THREE rest stops (to keep from smashing Alex into small little pieces), I have made it home safely.  {sigh} I am still pretty tired, despite the pit stops (which was humorous since at the first one I woke up and grabbed the steering wheel thinking I had passed out behind the wheel).  Seeing how I have over 150 new spam messages, I wish to clear them out and then go to bed... to where I will wake up, and attempt to catch up with the humans who have been franticly attempting to contact me.

I just wanted everyone to know I am currently safe.

So He Still Lives

illbdjudge (1:05:15p): I love you madd martin.......

Auto response from illbdjudge (1:05:15p): SUN - If you want to know if I am here or not, you can click on THIS LINK and you will be taken to the Maddbot page that will tell you what I am doing! Please feel free to join up since it is FREE and a great way to meet other Droogies.

illbdjudge signed off at 1:19:22p.

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