September 10th, 2003


Maddate 030910.38

{sigh} Fine, assmuncher, I* shall post my two page single space paper, and I shall not work on the grammatical or the thing witht her spelling.  Well… I am here at the land of Yeast and Cheese™ and I must say, it is most excellent cheese.  Um, well, I have two pages to type to you, because apparently my sense of key is off like my pants at home.  That is fine, since I paid my dollar, and I will pay in many other awys.  I write this because I admit I am wrong.  Very wrong.  Evern though I opsted I mean said how I was coerrect, and even recorded it with Scully, I was wrong.  Aye, JOHD, very wrong, and instead of me getting the dollar and me getting the two page apology, I have to write it.  Sweat, Word just corrected that word that I got wrong{sigh}.  So, I formally apologize to Stingray, the person who I came to see, since I was incorrect in his girlfriend’s insight on the key to “shot to the head”.  I can admit defeat, and am doing so now.  He is lucky he won and well as she since I do not think that he has the ability to come up with stuff after stuff for a whole two pages.  So that is what I am doing.  Iam doing it because I am a Madd of my word.  Well great they are off to have sex like rabbits and I am so nice because I am giving up SSBM, and this freakazoid thinks he has the ability to BEAT THE MASTER OF MADDNESS AT SSBM.  Icould be puking up blood and brains and I could kick his ass.  Icould be in the middle of sex and I would take him out like a drunken prom qween.  There is no way on a fair fight, or a drunk one, that any human can beat me, however, unfortunately, this post is not about Madd it is about Stingray and his very nice woman.  I had a wonderful conversation about my feelings of a few days ago, and the problems that happened due to many things that are no one’s business but those of other humans and myself.  I make them my business for the same reason I am up here.  Stingray… well… as much as he can be a push over or wrong or whatever, he is extremely insightful.  After all, from my professional (hahaha) observation, he is a wonderful judge of character.  Shit I smell like rotting feet.  Really bad, I sure hope we make it to Wal-Mart.  I talked to him about issues, things on his mind, and since it was a client/doctor level I am unable to tell any humans about it.  However, I can say that they are definitely things on his mind.  I gave him honest straight observations of things that I felt would do him good… because I am here to save the planet for those who are deserving.  Stringray is definitely that.  Sweet and sweat… there goes Word doing that auto correct again, thank you.  I only was about to cry some days ago, I guess, because the Stringray I knew and loved… well… he is kinda gone, and has moved on.  The best thing I can do is support all his decisions and (word auto correction yay) his wishes since… well, JOHD, I am not sure if I told you, however Stringray and myself we use to talk on the phone all the time.  We use to talk about his whore of a mother.  I only called her that since she did her best to keep him away from me, however, I find later in life this would not be anything new since many mothers would do the same thing.  I mean, maybe it has something to do with the fact I am an only child, maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am just from a different time and a different place.  However, I know that the time I use to have with Stringray is not the same as it use to be.  You know, to all humans judging this, kiss my ass I was not gonna expect HIM to write me two pages of nothing about me, I at least include his name often.  Whoohoo!!  Page two I am getting so close, hahaha.  I can say at first a few days ago I was really wanting to just up and go back home, to my friends and to the people who I chat with.  I see now that I am very happy that I am here.  His woman is cool to talk to, and so is their friend Moondrop.  She shall be known as that until I finger out a different name, because you know me, JOHD, I do my BREAST to keep everyone separate.   1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, hey, yeah, now.  The small white one wishes for my pretzel stick, however he cannot have it… wait, he IS eating it.  So, anyway, we come back and play the CD, and see… that despite how much I listened to it in the past, I was very incorrect.  I was as wrong as alternating side street parking, which I would like to add, should be illegal.  Aye, JOHD, I did say should, because something that messed up SHOULD not be allowed.  These two SUCK at having sex, she is still in the bathroom doing something and he is just there, clueless as ever.  Oh well… um… hey I am getting closer.  I think these two require sex instructions or something, even with a tipped uterus.  Hey I think I spelled that word correctly according to the Word thing.  I hope the cats do not keep me up, but that is okay.  I am not sure if I asked or commented to these two allowing me to be their godfather of their children, since for some reason I wanna just be so to someone.  I think a lot of it deals with trust, since you know how much I deal with trust.  I was thinking in the car ride an few days ago how I had lost faith in Stingray, and some of it dealt with feeling cast aside despite what I had done and continue to do to be here.  I fully admit it is a total selfish thing.  I have the ability to be selfish also, even though I had been working to remove such a thing.  Well… JOHD… at one point, I felt maybe Stingray would be the one… he would be THEE friend, meaning, the true friend.  I think this came when I heard him talking to his mother in the car regaurding how much he wanted to stay over at my place that night.  We talked about FFIV a bit and I must say… I had not seem him ever since stand up so much to someone for something he believed in.  No one sings video game music like he does.  No one is so bound determined to play video games with me, not even Melissa.  No on has taken care of me as he had, like last time I was here attempting to eat a bird by getting it to perch in my mouth, and him there spending hours, even after I was beyond drunk, sick, passed out in bed, to make sure there would be FLOYD playing.  That is Floyd as in Pink Floyd.  I guess I feel {sigh} kinda lost with that gone.  As much as I attempt to control that aspect of my life, the whole art of feelings, I realized last few days ago whenever when I was about to cry in the car, how much I love him, and how much he means to me.  I meant that TOTALLY in a sexual up the ass he is my bitch type of way, of course.  hEhEhE!! –lol- “Uh oh” – Stingray as he jams on the ukulele.  Hey great job he spelled that word correctly.  :They still are not having hot wild sex… Yeah, I know they will when I leave, and that is fine.  I have nothing wrong with that.  These two are good for each other, and I wish them the best, especially with psycho’s like myself questioning the key sig their songs are in.  HOWEVER AT LEAST HE KNOWS WHO IS THE MASTER OF VIDEO GAME MUSIC RECOGNISISION.  Hahaha… something that cannot be taken away from me, at least not yet.  Hey this is MY FLAVORITE SONG FROM SSBM!!  Whoohoo!!  He really knows how to please me, any woman in the past who was so fucking stupid as to let him go, well, you were a dumb fuck to give up such a great man.  YOU LOST AND SHE WINS!!