September 6th, 2003


Not So Odd... (note to humans)

... my post from HERE has not been replied to by a single person, of the at least 4+ people being mentioned in it.  As a friendly reminder, I wanted to let the humans know that WHEN I GET BACK from WI, I shall subtract the points that some took years to build up, just like that.

On that note, I am getting ready for my happy visit to the land of Yeast and Cheese™.  I am REALLY looking forward to it!  Please note, that internet time is going to be stunned to about 30 minutes a day. Most of this will be used to check email and make sure my spam is kept down so I do not come home to 90 messages to wade through.  None of it will be used for on-line chatting, at least, none is planned.  This is all about my greedy selfishness to want to molest Stringray in any way possible, and video games is the most fun way I know of, along with some massive music playing/singing.  Also he is going to take me out and get me drunk and not take advantage of me (since you cannot take advantage of the willing).  His girlfriend gets to watch (dollar charge waved).

I am currently set to return back to Des Monious some time Thursday.  This is not set in stone, I could possibly be back sooner, I could be back later.  The computer is going to actually be shut DOWN during my time away.  Anyone actually anxious to chat back with me will know simply by checking for me on-line, or going to my FORUMS, or of course, JOHD.

So human play nice while I am away.