August 31st, 2003


So It Goes

Hmm... I see many strange things in my time here on earth.  I encounter many... interesting humans.  This puzzles me, beyond belief.  My mobile charger is always in the same spot to charge my phone, the orange extention cord.  Well... it is not there... it is as if it... dissapeared.  The last time I believe it was in use would have been into Saturday.  I would have noticed it gone about an hour ago.  I have checked through out my place to find it, and I find it not.  I cannot help but wonder if higher powers are at work... not necessarily God's work, but something else.  Maybe something... 5th Dimentional.  I will not attribue anything to the fact I just went and saw Jeepers Creepers 2.  I would like to rule this as someone having a key to my place and stealing it... yet... to take (seemingly) that and only that, well... that just does not add up.  It does not even come close to adding up.  This does not make any sense at all.  I know I misplace things... however, this is my phone charger.  I would not have taken it anywhere that I can think of, and I know that if it was not used on Saturday before taking off, it would have to have been so into Thursday.  Otherwise the phone would have already been dead from lack of charging.

It's gone... just like that.  I keep thinking that things like my Floyd DVD, Transformers DVD, Lost in Space DVD, Gladiator DVD, along with the many other things was taken by people with fingers that just grab it.  I can at least some how back those stories up, or even some how losing them all.  But my charger that is plugged into a wall?

... that or what AM I doing when I am totally drunk?