August 6th, 2003


THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!!!




As of July 1st, your MSN Broadband Internet Access account was assigned to Qwest Interprise America, Inc. (an affiliate of Qwest Communications). If you do not wish your account information to be provided to Qwest as part of this transition, please contact MSN Support by August 28th, to cancel your account.

Dear MSN Broadband Subscriber,

Qwest and Microsoft are pleased to announce a new relationship between the companies to provide you with improved Internet access service. This new relationship will leverage the strengths of each company resulting in an improved online experience for subscribers. As part of this new relationship, Qwest became your Broadband provider effective July 1st. Your MSN e-mail address will not change. Microsoft remains committed to delivering advanced Internet software that helps you get the most from your Broadband connection. For several months after this transition, Microsoft will continue to provide customer support for the service and will bill and collect subscription fees from you as Qwest’s billing agent. This means that during this period you will continue to be billed for your subscription just as you are today, either on your Qwest telephone bill or directly to your credit card. If you have questions about your account you should contact an MSN Support Professional.

Effective August 28, 2003, your account information will be automatically provided to Qwest* as part of this transition. As a valued subscriber, we respect your privacy and will continue to safeguard and use your information in accordance with MSN's privacy policy. Please review Qwest’s privacy statement at to learn about Qwest’s policies regarding its usage and protection of your account information. If you do not wish to have your account information provided to Qwest as of August 28, you must cancel your subscription before this date.**

If you have any questions regarding this service change or want to cancel your service, please contact us at 1-800-386-5550, or please visit for answers to questions you may have about your account and this transition.

Thank you for being an MSN Subscriber. We are working, together with Qwest, to make this transition as smooth as possible.


Ted Kummert
Vice President, MSN Subscription Services

About this message:

You are receiving this message because you are a valued MSN Services member. If you have questions about the MSN privacy policies, please read our privacy statement.

Qwest Interprise America, Inc. is an affiliate of Qwest Communications International Inc.

* Qwest will automatically receive your member name, billing address and billing telephone number, effective August 28, 2003. Credit card information will not be shared with Qwest.

** You have the option to select another Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you choose to select another ISP and continue your Qwest DSL access service, you must cancel your MSN subscription and contact Qwest at 1-800-244-1111 for a list of other ISPs in your area.

If you have questions about Qwest's privacy policies, please read Qwest's privacy statement:
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