July 21st, 2003


Flying Flag of Hope

Well... JOHD... hey, I think I am being invaded?  It is cool... friendly... hold down arms.  Anyway... the bug has hit me, and it has hit me hard.  Clean clean clean... organize.  I am cleaning and organizing at about a 495% increase.  Yeah, for Madd that could be folding laundry on the couch... but nevertheless, it is happening, and you know.  I once again get that great feeling deep inside.  The computer is also getting hit.  I still have the problem that I start cleaning one thing, then get side tracked to something else.  No matter... I am making decent progress, and finding things.

I feel not so much resentment towards humans.  I think it is issues with just a select few humans that are causing me to reflect back towards all of them... and frankly, this is no easy task to overcome.

I just remind myself, I have God, and He shall look out over me with His great power and help guide my comfused and wondering self.

Love to all...
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    "Power of Anger" - Konami, "Salamader ~Again~"