July 19th, 2003



Oh yeah... very funny... that rant you attempted to do last night, well... I beat you, didn't I!  I posted from the computer lab, the computer time there was to Sunday... so that is what you posted... and then when you got home last night, around 5:10AM, and posted and posted and posted how to fuck all humans, giving lists, giving reasons, how I should just listen to your logic, your truth, and all the like... you lose it.  Tee-hee... that may teach you something, eh?  Wow were you pissed off at some one(s).  You were pissed off at humanity... and for who knows what real reason.  It was nice to see you out, even if I had been drinking to the point of being passed out.

Next time you want to come out and play, show me your invitation first.