July 18th, 2003



Well... I sit here... in the computer lab... waiting... wondering... while current events radiate through my mind, a sense of anxiousness overpowers me.  {sigh} It has been so long... so long indead.  This place sparks a few memories when I come into it.  I was thinking about that guy... the guy who played Marathon.  hEhEhE... I remember the time we had like 6 or 8 people in the art center on the Mac computers playing... wow, that was so long ago.  I remember Denny coming over with LJS so that I would help him with his programming.  There are so many memories, however, that are just not there.  They are all gone.  Well... the watch beeps, but really how close am I to finding Jean/Gvc or Julie/GVC.  One of them holds the key to my truly getting out of here.  Cool... I use to run this place.  I use to maintain these systems when others were around.  I use to be just like that human up there, only without glasses.  Pink Floyd shirt pending.  {sigh} It appears that Dr Loch/GVC has resigned from his post.  He said I did not have to even really see him, I guess all I had to do was come in and have these papers signed.  I may come back some day, but for now... I think I am going to head back over to the student center, and hope that my paper can be signed so I can move on.