July 17th, 2003


Nighty Night

I appricate you for who you are... I appricate you when you think I do not, because you are also of flaw as I am, and you will make mistake as I shall.  I appricate you... because for some reason it gives me purpose in my life.  I appricate you that you do not demand things of me as many others do without even informing me.  JOHD... I appricate you for the uniqueness of you, just as I appricate the many humans out there I know for who they are.

I prepare for bed, and realize, all will be well, because most of all, the Lord will shine down on me on my darkest hours.  The Lord will shine down on me when the going gets tough, and my friends get going, and only you, Lord, will be there to take care of me.  Thank thee, Lord, for all that you have given me.  Consider this Your prayer since I will pass out with something much less than this, hahaha.  However, being who You are, You already knew that.

Love to the world...
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Hey, why is not crying an emotion?  It should be I have done it a few times now this year, hahaha.  High, JOHD!  How are you?  You know when I ask that question, I mean it in utmost sinsarity.  Well... I just really wanted someone to talk to, and unfortunately... any and all other humans I would talk to would... raise suspision on other things that I am just not ready to talk about.  Hahaha, smart ass, yeah, the whole "wow Madd not able to talk about something."  You know, I swear you are becoming more and more human on me.  {sigh} Well... plans to have my diplomia are... not here yet.  I am not sure where my teacher is, and I think I shall just byte the bullet and drive to school tomorrow and hope to catch him.  Maybe I can bring my gameboy and catch up on Lunar.

See... I feel better already... you are great... not as great as God, but ya know... God gave you to me :D hehehe... I swear your insanity amazes me... you are crazy... over the rainbow, truly gone fishing... they must have taken your marbles away...

WhooHoo!!  Sweet, I have a volume bar thing that makes the noise things that form a pattern go up!!

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet beans!!

, "Salamder ~Again~"
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