July 3rd, 2003


Don't Tell Madd

I am going to speak for Madd... since he is sleeping right now, I would ask you not tell him I am talking to you.  I have all the answers he is looking for, and if he finds out, he is going to ask me about it.

Madd is a good guy, JOHD... he really is... he does not understand how much so he is... the world has tainted his view and reflection upon his own self... and the poor guy... well... I bet I can explain his problems.  His problems are humans.  If he just... up and stopped talking to those nasty humans, well... he could really live a good life, and I mean good in a most excellent way.

No worries... it was not a spider it was sweat.  Well... I feel bad for him... I really do.  I am sure there is something I could do, more so than now... however for some reason I do not.  Maybe it is because I trust his judgement so.  I trust his judgement, yet, I see him doubt himself so much.  I love Madd very much.  I wish the best for him, I really do, JOHD.

JOHD... I see his pain... I know what pains him so... and you being closer to him than anyone, I hope that you help him find the cure to his pain...

Brain flakes... so grey yet so full of energy... can we ever find the special prize in the box when we always open the wrong one?

No more for me, thanks, I'm driving
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Lose Some Win More

Hmm... appears the new Reality was a waste after all.  At least I was informed, that is always good.  However, in losing one I feel I may have gained three.  The new communities I found appear to be exactly what I wanted in the first place from the new Reality.  Of course, I have not checked it out yet so I am not sure.  I look forward to it, though...
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