June 2nd, 2003


Good vs Bad vs Good

-Good: my assignments for my computer science class are completed
-Bad: I got most of the answers off the net by searching for the questions in my book and finding them on the net

-Bad: I lost dialing tone... no phone you fix free outside?
-Good: my DSL still works
-Good: tech Johnny called me 6 times in attempts to inform me, while I am in class, that my dialing tone is working to the binding post
-Bad: I came home from class and found no dialing tone
-Good: I trouble shot and got my dialing tone working and it "appear" better than before
-Bad: I lost DSL
-Good: I called Johnny and he almost insisted he check it out as opposed to me calling MSN "customer" support
-Better: my DSL started to work again, and I feel since I was CTC on a new F2, that my connection will be better than before

-Bad: I woke up at 730a
-Good: I got many things done before class that I wanted to complete
-Worse: I went to class and found out I have 7 books to read, about 5 - 7 4 - 6 page papers to have done by June 27th, meaning that the entire month of June is going to be work, video game maintaince (FFO, BG2), and sleep (in that order), and that I might require pushing my challenge out slighty due to an increased work load that I was very not prepared for
-Good: The papers, reading, and class work being done does not require me to "know" or "learn" anything... most of it deals with how I have taken my entire college/education career and applied it to my own life and my assimilation into society
-Bad: I still have a lotta damn books to read in a short period of time
-Good: this is currently viewed as the last course required for completely my degree

-Bad: I am slightly tired
-Good: I am also wired
-Bad: I work soon
-Good: um...

Anyway... going on a class related note now, here is what I am up against this month:

Reading and Writing:
M: intro
T: film - "Antigone"
W: "The Apology", "Crito" (to be read by this date)
T: Integrity Ch 1, 2, 3
F: Integrity Ch 4,5

M: Cultivating Humanity - intro, Ch 1
T: Cultivating Humanity - Ch 2
W: Cultivating Humanity - Ch 3,4
T: discussion - education and its discontents
F: (observed Maddian holiday) film - "Conflicting Visions", paper I (2 -4 pages)

M: Voodoo Science
T: Voodoo Science
W: Voodoo Science
T: Lying Awake
F: Lying Awake, Paper II (5 - 12 pages)

M: The Battle for God - Ch 3,4,6
T: The Battle for God - Ch 7,8,9
W: Building a Bridge
T: Building a Bridge
F: Wrap Up, Paper III (3 - 5 pages)

There are also 6 papers (3 - 4 pages) due for each reading.

WhooHoo!!  Fun for Madd!!  At this time, I would like to


This month is going to be difficult to obtain almost any contact with me... more so than I anticipated... I plan to do things different... I plan to just start working on things when I have "free time" (not keeping game requirements for day, not working, not driving, not sleeping), so that HOPEFULLY for once I will be done and completed with work well before it is due.  If I do this, then I would be allowed to complete the challenge, and to also possibly chat with others... as keeping spam cleaned is another thing I shall work on as well.

Blah... start the pain...
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