May 30th, 2003


It's Spreading!!

Arrgg... still attempting to keep up.  I think this new code set can really work, since it is based off of a lot of experimental data on habit and the like, and the power of it, I do really feel I can finally over come it.  I already brush my teeth more regular than any period pre-parental move-out.

Well... it appears I have recovered from a most horid day.  However, I think the horid bug I had crawled into others and now they have it.  Time for the Care Bear STARE!!!!!!!


On a not-so-light side, I might die before I wake up... that would not be cool, I am behind enough on my email as it is... now I know how those Reapers feel on Blade II when they get something jabbed into their chest... eeks...
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    "Data Selection Screen" - Metroid Prime