April 23rd, 2003


I Know That

God, your sense of... humor and understanding are greatly appriciated.  The fact I was talking about my realization that those single set of footprints was You carrying me followed by Your... intervention of Your adknowledgement with that wacky bus with "Jesus is God" and "Go With God", well... thank you.  I cannot express enough how much You mean to me and how thankful I am that You look out for me.  When 1250p rolled around and I was short much work... You once again came to my rescue in a way that I could not have fathomed at the time.  As always, Your power goes without question, and Your power goes with the many thanks that I could currently now come close to expressing.  You show unconditioned love.  I hope I can do the same for you, my Lord and Father.

Now... time for some anti-procrastination skills... mental note: exercise is the unseen key, thanks for the reminder.
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