March 25th, 2003


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Well... I got back to my updates, but unfortunately, I am behind on school work, and rather bad.  Right now, JOHD, I am going to go study for my quiz today.  Thankfully, we got out of class early today and the test in 930a is moved from Thursday to Tuesday.
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Pushing Beyond the Limits

JOHD... I come back from class, and an important time this shall be.  I have been going through a lot of mentally challenging times.  There have been many issues with close friends and personal choices.  I feel that a great turn is underway.  I say that due to my understanding what I told you before and what I am doing now.  I stated how I "figured" it out.  Well it is true, I did figure many things out, however, I ended up doing nothing about these findings.  It would be like me out of food and realizing that I could use money as opposed to hunting for food and buying it to turn around and walk buy pools of crued oil and doing nothing about it.

My main problem is drive.  This drive is lacking due to two main reasons.  Lack of sleep, and lack of food.  I farted.  If I have proper of both for extended time, I feel that my ability to do anything, a main theory of how human exist, is truly possible.  So I figure that tests are in order.  Experiements to determine if a lot of this is true.  Of these tests, I may find myself doing something I would not have imagined doing this early in life.  This is the total abandonment of alcohol.  I also determined that other things play a large factor, including the way the mind stores information.  Everything is stored similar to how a computer can store information over time.  Unless defragmentation has occured, a computer file for an MP3 is stored in many different areas of a hard drive.  If I see an elephant, the fact it likes penuts, the fact it is large the fact it has a trunk, the fact it is grey, and everything else that I have come to know to "elephant" is actually stored as just that.  This overall picture of an elephant stored in my mind is not really that.  It is pieces scattered throughout my mind, and all these thoughts come together when the term "elephant" is brought to my attention, and gives the appearance of me remembering everything as a whole.

Also, information is remembered differently.  I have come to a better realization that I just remember some things better than another.  I could remember in my mind the way a woman's breasts may look (such as my gielfriend dancing around in an animated gif) better than I can remember her eye, hair, or shirt colour.  Breasts are 3 dimentional.  I no longer feel that I may remember what someone's ass looks like, or breasts, because they are sexual in nature.  I remember them because they are physically there.  This is shown also how I can remember the shape of a car as opposed to colour features, and this has nothing to do with sex.  Besides shapes, I remember tone.  This is why I can lay down a crazed instrumental solo that I hear a few times but could take nomourous times hearing the same lyric over and over again and still have problems keeping it straight.

So, just take all this information acquired... and there I go, I get to where I have been wanting to go.  Things can be moved and associated with others that normally would not be, and this can turn out to associate more information despite the fact I am nearing the age when memory truly starts to turn for the worse.  At the age of 30 the mind starts to go (whether for males or females is unclear, and I take into account that the female brain is fair superior, as a generalized rule, than the male). Every decade the mind slips even more.  Well... I also realize that anything in life is possible.  The mind can accomidate and adapt to things that should otherwise not be possible, like people with damage or actual loss of one side of the brain that controls imagination and still being able to do imaginative things not otherwise possible with that part of the brain missing.  This just backs my theory that the mind can do anything, and that means, I can remember things.  I can get things done.  I can end procrastination.  I can [insert here].  I feel determined.  Despite current life set backs that I have and am going through, I know I will go above and beyond.  It is not power or strength that rule who is on the top of the food chain.  Back in the day, humans with the ability to think overcame those preditors who were faster, stronger, and larger in number.  A T-Rex or sabertoothed tiger may have been larger, bigger, and able to overpower anything that came across it... but it was the human that was smart enough to figure out how to build automatic weapon projectiles and grenade launchers to beat them.  Hmm... too much Turok.

Okay, time to go be productive.  Time management is currently turned ON.

hehehe... and Ghaleon still rocks the house.
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