March 18th, 2003



JOOOOOO-HOD!!  hEhEhE!!  mwahAhA!!  MOST excellent, Smithers, most excellent.  Tears of joy... I cry... I cry for those who attempt to call me and the calls get routed to my mobile.  I recieved my PHONE USB cable.  I am downloading ringers to my phone.  OH YEAH, JOHD, OH YEAH, EXACTLY... EXACTLY... I CRY BECAUSE OF WHAT NOW GETS TO SIT WITH POTENTIAL ENERGY, WAITING TO BE RELEASED INTO KENETIC.  Right now I am on a mission... find the most excellent PINK FLOYD MIDI files of only HIGHTEST grade... and I already found a NEW upgrade to the most EXCELLENT song in existance.  hEhEhE!!  Oh yeah!!  I just remember what I was going to say... the poor humans who call... who are not tagged into my phone with their own ringer, will most likely not be answered.  WHY?!?  hAhAhA!!  SILLY!!  It is IMPROPER to disrupt a playing Floyd tune!  hEhEhE!!  JOHD!!  Are you WITH me?  I have not been this insanely happy in a long ass time.  It is rather odd, that I would be as such thanks to a small cable that plugs into a radiation device that 'radiates' music, and in this case, the soothing and powerful music of Pink Floyd.  I guess I should go through and assign people who I actually want to talk to... hEhEhE!!  MORE MIDI files!!
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    My Mobile's Future Ringers, mwahaha!!