March 10th, 2003


Money For Madd!!

Whoohoo!! (clicking opens new window)

I finally have enough clicks to get a check.  I attempted to use other services before however they sucked massive rocks.  The only downside to this program is that they use to give like five cents per click but then for whatever reason they changed the way I was getting money.  Of course, to make up for it, I now get a few dozen email from this place so I just have more clicking to do.  I am going to send my form out by fax so that they can send me the stuff, since I want to give my scanner fax button a shot out.  Also, I have never used my fax on the computer before, so now I can confirm it works.

Ug, I have SOOO much work to do.  I may not get to chat on-line or do anything with anyone until after Thursday classes.  I have a massive assignment due for my 930a class.  {yawn} {sigh} Oh well, the price I pay.  Oddly enough, I was asked the reason I am going back to school, as in, any vocational changes, and I said no, just going to finish, to where I got a reply of why bother?  It is a waste of money and time... to where I corrected a waste of money since Qwest pays for all schooling, and I added that as for time, yeah, it takes my time, however, I started this over 10 years ago, and it is time I finish.  I finish many things, it just some times takes me a while, hahaha, just ask those people who I have sent email replies to email sent over a year ago!  That reminds me, JOHD, I have many plans for when I get my schooling done, many plans.  The lack of time to do things I think has taught me, thus, school serves yet another purpose.

NOTE TO HUMANS.  In regards to the link (clicking opens new window), for those who would not mind helping a Madd out, you could sign up for this free service.  Aye, it is actually free unlike a lot of places that want you to send them money.  It works like this, you give them an email address (and for most people to help sort things out or for parinoid people simply make a new email account on yahoo, hotmail, or whatever), and choose up to 20 things you are "interested" in.  For me, while I choose a few things I was interested in, I also choose things that I felt would give me more emails, such as internet businesses, since everyone's mother wants to send out to those.  Then, when you get the email, and the email is seperate from other spam by having their actual name (so if you sent it to a main account make sure you add the address to your not spam for those accounts that have spam filters) and there you go!  Each click you do not only goes towards your total, it helps me out also, thus, if anyone is looking to help out a Madd, here is a chance to do so for FREE.  If anyone has any questions on this, let me know, and I will help with any questions I can.  Just make sure my member ID is in the referral.  Clicking the link should autosubmit it there, otherwise it is 750546.  If anyone does sign up and wants to be so kind to inform me (reply to this post or in chat or person), that would be groovy.

Time for massive amounts of work now {sigh}
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