March 9th, 2003


So Now There is Segmagic

-work updates
(yeah I know the Madd's World page for the calendar itself is grossly outdated but it goes straight to the calendar)

The only thing I miss about my other client is that I had the ability to see who's birthday was around the corner.  I guess I shall do it the old fasioned way now.  I am working on my dream related journal and pulling it from my web site.  Instead of popup windows I thought it would look a lot better on this side.

Also, a note to humans.  For any human who wants to have a livejournal account (so that they would have the ability to see a LOT of things missed due to me posting many friends only posts) they can simply message/inform me and I can give out an activation code.  Of course... if I have no clue who you are or the like, then, I suggest getting to know me.  I will not give out a code to any stranger on the net street.

The back of my left upper leg itches like no other.  Arggg!!  Make it stop!  I am extremely behind on keeping up with my backdates for JOHD.  There is about a week worth of information I fear is lost... due to... procrastination?  Forgetfulness?  Insanity?  Fifth Dimentional Thinking™?  I am not sure.  Well... I enjoy this new cliemt... I might have some fun with it.

I shall work on it and overcome.
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Someone or something is attempting to kiss me through my computer... technology... the bane of us all, mwahaha!!