March 5th, 2003


Tired Pocket Work

You know, JOHD, of late I realize how much I do love myself, and think that it is unfortunate others do not love themselves.

Of course, then I realize of late just how much maybe I am not meant to interact with other humans.  At least... I... uh... thought.  I had one, and it went away.  I cannot say I am thinking from just being tired.  I think of interactional data I have gathered for the past...


Possibly three years.  At a certain point, I expect a lot from humans in terms of understand some basics of me.  Now... I cannot even keep the basis for my own being.  I am bothered by things.  Mentally bothered by a lot of happenings, especially lies and dishonesty.

I think what gets me most is humans in general, and what they do, what they have been doing.  The price inscrease and reasons of food at work.  The changes in job responsibility and they expect EVERYONE to just love it and provide customer service.  Not all humans can compose themselves with people skills as I have through the times and tries of work.  However... now, I even see myself starting to slip.  I do not do my job as I use to.  I know this bothers me.  It bothers me seeing people at work who were once strong be taken down by all the bureaucracy.  There are times I stop thinking I... a single human... can change the world.  Then I realize I had stopped believing in the power of the mind.

It bothers me, to see humans get pissed off about something, and then turn around and act that same way, and be in total denial of it.  There are a few humans who are mentally aggrivating me in this manner.  I am aggrivating myself in piss poor time manegement.  I have training to prepare for, and the gateway for preparedness is sleep, thus, that is where I retire.

I can get it right, but only if I *LISTEN* to the warnings given.

"Solitude never hurt anyone. Emily Dickinson lived alone, and she wrote some of the most beautiful poetry the world has ever known... then went crazy as a loon." - Lisa
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More On Annoyance

My annoyance was shown at work today, as once again I let loose on the Swanson's people and thei'r BS we are going to charge you 32 cents for a small portion of ranch crap.  Also... there was something else, however, I could not rememeber who it was.

OH YEAH!!  People like MSN and Yahoo that have check boxes for "Remember my ID and Passcode" and the damn thing dissapears withing a FREAKING DAY!!  There is no way I have my cookies do that, at least, I do not think so.  Okay, just as I thought, they are not set to expire or anything like that.  MSN appears to be worse than Yahoo.  Now, I do not MIND if someone logs me out from my computer to check their stash.  HOWEVER DON'T PUT A DAMN BUTTON THERE TO ALWAYS HAVE LOGGED IN WHEN YOU ARE NOT DOING IT!!

Yeah, that has annoyed me for years, and I feel better now, mwahaha!!
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