February 26th, 2003


Study With a Friend

-work updates
-school class PROPER updates
(yeah I know the Madd's World page for the calendar itself is grossly outdated but it goes straight to the calendar)

What better friend to study with than you, JOHD. Please forgive the formatting, you know how anal I am about my double space after my period, only possible here with a correctly placed nbsp;. Well, anyway, I figured that studying with you forces me to see and act with what it is I am suppose to remember. Also, the humans might learn something... or, they just may get confused. Humans are easily confused creatures.

So, big test tomorrow. Unfortunately, some reading material was lent out and I did not get it back and just realized when I got home that I would be using it, or, could be using it, or, may possibly require it in order to study properly. If this works, who knows, it might condition me to do it more often, thus, better grades. See, the unconditioned response is... oh wait, I already took that test on Tuesday, okay, well, I guess it is time to go find my books...

Well... I found my books, but it appears that I got so wrapped up in finishing calendar things that I am not going to... yeah, yeah... time management issues, JOHD, tell me something I had not already known. So give me a break already. {sigh} Well... crap... I think I am going to eat my food and go to bed a bit earlier than usual so that I can study more when I wake up.
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