February 25th, 2003


Quote Thy Comic

This quote was taken from Roger Ebert, and just help bring some relief to the tension from completing the test today in 1P.

"She and Daredevil are powerfully attracted to each other, and even share some PG-13 sex, which is a relief because when superheroes have sex at the R level, I am always afraid someone will get hurt."

(no subject)

Arrrgg... no subject no time... but some times I think I have no time but I really do... that is called piss poor time manegement, and it is something I feel I have had for possibly most of my life.  I am getting those strange gut feelings, the physical ones like back when Gretl, Arwen and I were all introduced to each other.  However there is no Arwen around, and there are no issues with Gretl... maybe it was the popcorn, or maybe, just maybe, this is stress.  I think there is a possibility that I had been living a stress-free life, as defined by extreme stress.  Or maybe it is simply an ulcer that has formed in my gut.  Or, maybe I ate someone and they are poking their way out from the inside.

Stress... I have been rather good at dealing with most forms of stress.  I have found releases to keep myself in the cool when things were heating up.  At least, I did so when I started to better understand who I am.  I find that of late, even the closest person, even, the Master of Maddness, may know me one day yet the next day be totally changed.  There is a strange new odd view of life.  There is a lot more open intaking of what others say, even dead people, actually, especially dead people.  Concepts of how life is and work, things I have spent months or years to think and feel, end up gone in a matter of 1.6 hours.  That is all it takes to change and resculpt a few years of thinking.

Hmm... I want to blame the feelings on age.  I actually think it is age over anything else.  Granted, stress may be pulling some strings to get a ring side seat, my friend, but it is not stress in itself.  It is not the psychological aspect of my being, but rather, a biological.

Of course, biological can mean it truly is the popcorn.

By a bag, go home in a box...
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