February 19th, 2003


More, please

{sigh} First off, I have no time to write this, JOHD.  I wish I did, there is so much I want to say.  Just a mere 58 pages I would like to release of my chest right now.  Behind on email, and I shall be.  Starting to feel the stresses of life that I otherwise can handle.  School... I want it to be over so that I can have a bit more time to do things.  This is my own error, and looks like registering for the FINAL class comes soon.  Just thought I would point out to you, today, that I have gone through extreme excitement (horny) and that is something I had not been feeling for a while, sadness, and intense anger.  Things from my past have been echoing in my mind.  Every woman I have ever been with in the past has flashed through my brain.  To that I add the notion of always hearing women call men pigs and the cause of their problems.  Then I reflected on all the women I have ever known.  There is just too much... from psychology, this is called flooding.  It is something that has been happening to me of late, I feel.  I am getting flooded with things, and it is this flooding that is causing a lack in emotional responses to anything.  I finally stablized to a true extent when Prime file select music was put into play.  Ah... now I can face the humans known as customers.
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