February 3rd, 2003



I apologize, JOHD, however, we shall be taking over for Madd for a while.  You see... Madd has issues, and lots of them.  Madd went through as many memories this waking night as he has in about two months... so we are going to do some work with him... and a few other things that we do, and if you are nice, and play well, we just might return him.  Haha... oh JOHD... we are kidding... we were planning on returning him.

In the meantime... please enjoy this flashback:

Martin's log, Maddate 021695.5:
It is around 12am, so I barely made this one in before it waz tomorrow. I had a close encounter with Kit. Right now I am talking to dITZ on the phone, but I should let her go pretty soon so I can go to bed. She waz turning me on a while ago, but my programming haz come into play pretty well, and I am not at attention anymore. I saw a really cool play today at school called Lysistrata. I waz about how Greece women withheld sex from the men to try and end war. The guyz had thingz in their pantz to make it look as if they had erectionz, and the girlz and guyz stripped down, it waz pretty cool. Oh yeah, Erik waz in the play. He is "friend" I know from school, the one that usez the Mac, and put on Marathon. Well, I am going to have to talk to both Kit and dITZ here about feelingz pretty soon... itz all my fault with dITZ... I think I may have repeated a tragic history all over again. As for Kit... well, I think I just got way over my head... This is Madd Martin signing off...

No, no, no... this is not "Martin", for heaven's sake... why de-evolve when one can go forward in time?  JOoo-hd.  I can see you... I can really see you.  Your entire figure.  Hmm... you have changed a rather big lot, I must say.  Ah yes, I enjoy the change.  I enjoy reading about you and Madd in your early years.  Just look at the spelling... look at the Maddate... hahaha... month, day, year, emotion... not in the correct order... date not mapped correctly.  hEhEhE!!  This humors me, it really does.  However... you are not getting Madd back quiet so... easily.

Ah, most excellent.  Records of this life we have gone through course through our very veins.  {sigh} So much information, though to be lost... right here... right now.

Sew, as a note to the humans... don't expect Madd back for... a few.
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