December 30th, 2002


Never fear, Dex is Here.

Booya!!  hEhEhE!!  Guess what?  CHICKEN BUTT!!  JOHD, I think I missed a lot of points, so, yeah, I will be getting back to you regarding some important information as I continue to die.

(NOTE TO HUMANS - if you do not see three rather large posts then you missed out on the last year+ of my life... yeah... some interesting stuff, missing Frodo and a few others.  In order to see these events, you must be on my friends list, so, if you know me, and actually like, you really really like me, let me know, and if you have an LJ, I can have JOHD grant you access)

I do not think a year end review is gonna be necessary for this year, JOHD.  I also think that this year has been one of the big influences.  I say that due to a lot of realizations of myself, especially interactions with other humans.  I'm sitting here naked, JOHD, does that make you Randy?  Don't worry, I will not call you Randy.  He is spooky /T.  Um... ah... what was I going to say?  Oh yeah, you know, precious, I really wish you were flesh and bones other than myself, so that I could give you a gynormous hug and squeeze the life out of you.  I really really do!  {lick} Oh baby you know you liked it since I licked it, hEhEhE!!

-Forever not Wearing Pants,

Master Madd